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Finding Wonderland

April 4, 2016

I will forever view garden centers differently thanks to a recent visit discovering treasures amongst the plants and flowers. After a few surprises, I was on the look out for art tucked into nooks and crannies.

As my curiosity grew, my pace slowed and the garden transformed into a wonderland.  I was absorbed with the environment, the artistic process and engaged with others explorers. 

I reached a travel "sweet spot" where time stood still and joy blossomed.

What kind of places and...

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Trunk Sale

April 11, 2016

                                    Photo by Samantha Gross-Galindo

During family style meals, pickled cabbage often appeared on ladened tables in Azerbaijan. Unsurprisingly large colorful jars of pickled vegetables were displayed in bulk at road side stands. "Farm to Market" is the day to day norm.  You taste freshness “shine through” from the eggs at breakfast, to the vine ripened tomatoes reminiscent of a summer trip to Italy and an abundance of fresh herb stalks served raw. Right...

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Border Crossing

April 18, 2016

The butterflies in my stomach began to leave as I learned that I had the double sleeping compartment to myself on the overnight train leaving from Tbilisi, Georgia. I took a walk down the windowed corridor and on my way back I accidentally stepped into the wrong compartment! This led to smiles and an invite for a soft drink and chat. I accepted and my remaining butterflies left.

Back in my compartment, the train eventually reached the same “airplane quiet” as a long haul flight. When it was...

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April 26, 2016

As I drank a freshly opened coconut from the fruit man, he smiled at my enjoyment. When I paid him $2, he returned one of the bills and said, “Lady, our currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, don’t let anyone overcharge you here.“ 

That act of kindness opened me up to the idea to gift kindness forward. In the supermarket after paying, I turned to the person behind me and handed him a handful of coins. I saw his face light up as he asked “What is this for? I said that I’d like to...

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